Hands and knees

You make me weary

The way you have made me cum
Has become my biggest obsession
I become sick with desire

My nose can’t forget the aroma
You left on my skin.
Your handprint on my ass
My greatest sin.

Smolder me with your sex
Make me want you
Even if you detest my whole being.

A personal hell I keep locked inside
I’d crawl,
Get my on my hands and knees

I will be the girl you need. 


Pretty boy’s got himself a temper.

I can pretend to be her all I want, but it’s never good enough for you and I never really was; even when I lied. You always said I was pretty, I’m sure that’s not enough. Winning you over was harder then you said it’d be.

I never thought I would want to hurt you. I tried too hard to save you. I tried too hard to say goodbye to you. I thought you would leave on your own, but you never left and I couldn’t go.

It can’t be like this anymore, I’m fooling myself. I can’t save who I am while trying to steal who you are when you’re with her. You always said I was a good liar. I’m sure you aren’t that honest. She is waiting at home for you; she thinks you are the boy you swore you’d never be.

You seem to be an expert at saying goodbye and not meaning it. You always said I’d hate you in the end. I’m still waiting for that to come and go. Maybe we have grown on each other? We’re both waiting for that to go.



The softness of your lips burn my skin.
I promised I wouldnt, but I did.
Now the water splashes me
As I taste you,  so sweet.
When I grabbed you tight,
I felt my sins pour onto your chest.
At night I still don’t rest,
I’m haunted by nightmares
And my overcrowded thoughts.
Of your freckles, of your hair,
All of you that you left with me.
I can’t forget the way you made me feel
Or the gentleness in your hunger for me.
You burn my skin with your kiss,
And my eyes with your grin.
I didn’t mean for you to worry,
I never meant to care.