The captain’s wife

Her hands trembled
As the captain’s wife
Returned with the
Bottle of opium.
Anxious to be breaking
Her body in a
Peculiar way.
He met her
In this gold small
World and bowed
His head to the
Queen of highs.


Denny’s parking lot Part two

Do you remember when we
Used to stop in the Denny’s parking lot
After we bought our fix?
At first I would just roll the 20 up for you
Until you taught me how to roll it on my
Phone in a bill with a bic
It used to only take two
That didn’t last very long
When you left for two weeks I still
Needed help to crush them
That night we fought on the phone
I thought I would never see you again
I hoped I would never see you again
I got one to get you off my mind
But even getting high wasn’t a good enough distraction
And now I have someone else I’m trying to forget.

White queen.

She is standing alone with a cigarette in one hand
The letter he left her in the other.
She never craved nicotine
Unless she was with him.

He stood shivering, face dripping.
He’s never had it this bad.
He needs his white queen.
His first love, real addiction.

Her big eyes spill all her fears.
He couldn’t be happy with out her,
She obsessed over the hold he had
He had a way of making the good seem like old news.

The cigarette burns out
The chill from the nights air,
And the stain of new fingertips
Keep the pain of loneliness out of sight.

She always needed more then one’s
Affirmation. And more then ones kisses
On her skin. She had her addictions.
But his white queen always wins.