The body memories are back, and I’m scared for you to know.

What will you think of me
When it’s two
In the morning
And I can’t sleep
From the memories.
When I start
To panic and shake
And my mind will
I might not know who you are.
I might push you away.
Or I might desperately need you
To fuck me, to make me forget.
Will you run?
Or will you wake up and hold me?
Will you take your time kissing
My body to remind
Me who is actually touching me.
Remind me that I’m safe with you.
And after you make me quiver
Under your tongue
I’ll look at you
Like you have saved me.
And I’ll swear your touch
Was the antidote
The whole God damned time.
And, Why did you take so
Long to love me?
Will you run?
If I show you my demons?
Could you trust me enough with yours?