Women like me

Women like me
Need men like you
To teach us to be brave.
I would like to learn your sorrow, your pain.
Learn all the vices that get you to tomorrow.

Women like me
Run scared without
Broken men like you.
Men who have used too many ‘addictions’
A few too many times, just like I have.

Women like me
Need to feel men like you.
Feel the tips of your fingers
And the spaces between them too.

Women like me
Need men who are scared to love,
To touch, to have fun.
Men who secretly need you
More than you need them

Women like me
Play with words
While men like you
Play with your eyes.

Women like me
Need men like you
To keep us begging
To keep us trying

Women like me
Will find another.
A man just as broken.
   – I will fall for his beauty
      His green eyes I will dig
      Deep into, to uncover his